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Setting the Record Straight

This site was created the set the record straight about Ted Rollins. Mr. Rollins is the co-chairman and chief executive officer of Campus Crest Communities.

An amateur blogger, Roger Shuler, has repeatedly attacked Mr. Rollins via the Legal Schnauzer blog and other online forums. Unfortunately, Shuler, who was fired from his last journalism job for misconduct, has a personal vendetta against Mr. Rollins. This vendetta has resulted in frequent blog posts about Mr. Rollins that contain complete fabrications and utter misrepresentations.


Ted Rollins

By Ted Rollins

Here are a few facts that Roger Schuler, AKA the Legal schnauzer “forgets” to mention
Fact 1: I was divorced and followed all state laws and regulations when getting my divorce.

Fact 2: The case, although originally started in Greenville, SC, was moved to Alabama after the Judge in Greenville spoke with the Judge in Alabama and agreed that Alabama should have venue because that is where the children and ex-wife lived. The judge issued an order to that effect which is part of the record, but which Mr. Schuler for some reason can’t find.

Fact 3: There were years of discovery culminating in a multiple day trial in which my ex-wife was represented by two attorneys

Fact 4: I have complied with this order since its outset.

Fact 5: My ex-wife filed a motion to reconsider this order which was denied, She then filed an appeal which upheld the lower courts ruling and then finally filed an application for the case to be heard at the state supreme court which was denied.

All of this is a matter of public record, however, Mr. Schuler only cites execerpts from pleadings that are part of the initial filings and that we not found to be accurate in a court of law.

I am not sure of what the relationship is between my ex-wife and Mr. Schuler, but it is somewhat suspect in that he cites a variety of things that he cannot support and seems to have a personal issue here.

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