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Rollins & Campus Crest benefit Teach for America

Campus Crest CEO Ted Rollins, San Jose Teachers Ryan Karan and Marlene Orozco, Fortegra CEO and Campus Crest Board Member Rick Kahlbaugh

There are great organizations in this country that directly and indirectly prepare our youth for greatness. Ted Rollins had the privilege of interacting with teachers from Teach for America at one of their events this week in San Francisco. These teachers are truly making a difference for our upcoming generations. TFA is modeled after the Peace Corps in a way–qualified, outstanding teachers across the country teach incredible curriculums in low-income community schools for a two-year period.

This program has been shown to work well. Check out their site and accomplishments “Campus Crest was honored to be a sponsor of this event and I was even more honored to meet some talented teachers,” said Rollins.

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