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Legal Schnauzer Given $3.5 million Defamation Suit

Roger Shuler, founder of the defamatory blog, “The Legal Schnauzer” is again exposed for defamation, this time given a $3.5 million fine for falsely accusing Alabama Attorney Screen+shot+2015-04-15+at+10.19.57+AMGeneral Luther Strange of having an affair with his former campaign manager. The story carried no weight and was dismissed by the court for having no grounds, but not before ruling that Shuler owed a hefty amount to the parties whose characters he had slandered. Both Strange and his former campaign manager filed suits against Shuler.

Though the Legal Schnauzer continues to post to his blog, it is important to recognize that Shuler’s wild stories are false and that this is the second time that the Legal Schnauzer has been convicted for character defamation. Last year, Shuler was incarcerated for false allegations about an affair between former Alabama Governor’s son Rob Riley and lobbyist Liberty Duke.

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This story is now featured on the front page of the Birmingham Business Journal.

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