Ted Rollins

Ted Rollins

About Ted Rollins

Mr. Ted Rollins is an accomplished American entrepreneur who has co founded a number of businesses.  Most notably he founded, was Chairman and CEO of Campus Crest communities.   He started this business together with his partner Mike Hartnett with just $14,000 and grew it to the second largest student housing platform in the world within 10 years amassing 2.3b of assets represented by 83 properties with 46,000 beds in 63 markets in the US and Canada.

During this time Mr. Rollins completed in excess of $800m of joint venture investments together with Harrison Street Real Estate a private equity firm based in Chicago with returns to them in excess of 30% IRR. Mr. Rollins also served as lead independent director of Fortegra Financial.  A successful NYSE specialty insurance firm that was recently divested to Tiptree financial.

Mr. Rollins comes from a family of entrepreneurs that have founded nine NYSE companies.  Companies such as Rollins Truck Leasing, Matlack, Rollins Environmental Services, Dover Entertainment, Dover Motorsports, Rollins, Inc, RPC Energy Services and Marine Products.

Ted Rollins: Helping Others, Developing Responsibly

He is active in many philanthropic endeavors with focus on education and the environment.  He is an active member of the Horatio Alger Association as a friend of distinction which is one of the largest privately funded scholarship programs for college students how have been successful in the face of adversity.  Additionally, Mr. Rollins serves on the regional board of the Environmental Defense Fund.  He is actively involved as a Board member of CLEAR the Center for Living Environments and Regeneration which is a leading think tank for regenerative practices globally.

Mr. Rollins Founded Holiday Angel a program that distributes Bikes and Turkeys in poverty stricken areas at Thanksgiving and Christmas time around the USA. He is a supporter of Cristo Rey schools that help inner city youths by providing a holistic high school education in academics while giving them the opportunity to have work experiences with partner companies.

Ted Rollins: Early Career

Mr. Rollins is an avid musician, pilot, sailor and chef.   He began his musical career at the age of 13 traveling and performing with Johnny Cash and did so for 8 years on and off while he got his education.

He received his bachelors of science in business administration from the Citadel military college Magna Cum Laude and was decorated with Gold Stars regularly which is the highest academic honor that the school provided.  Mr. Rollins also received his Masters of Business Administration From Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

Mr. Rollins began his career at the investment bank – Drexel Burnham Lambert in New York where he was a real estate investment banker in the corporate finance department.  After several years of banking Mr. Rollins founded his first company to develop hotels and began by Building Residence Inn hotels and since that time has been an entrepreneur.

Ted Rollins: Looking to the Future

Ted Rollins is currently the Chairman of TXG Capital, LLC his family office, Co Chairman and Founding Principal of Valeo Groupe a global niche housing company focused on student housing investments in the UK, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the MENA region (Dubai).

He follows three simple rules  Work Hard, Have Fun and Help Others.   He is a big believer in Conscious Capitalism that creates work environments where team members can excel while balancing economics, environmental stewardship and social stewardship.

Mr Rollins can be reached via Social Media at:

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