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Fortegra Financial Corporation; a proud history and promising future

Ted Rollins, CEO of Campus Crest, is lead director, member of the audit committee and chairman of the governance committee of Fortegra Financial Corporation (NYSE: FRF), a leading insurance services company.

The Fortegra legacy began over 30 years ago when N.G. Houston III founded Life of the South in a small town in south central Georgia. From the late 70’s to 2007 Mr. Houston, Ned Hamil and Loyd Shaw led the development of the Southeast’s most well respected credit insurer.

Also, during that time they had relocated the company’s headquarters to the current location of Jacksonville, FL. In 2007, the company was recapitalized and renamed Fortegra Financial Corporation.  The name “Fortegra” was chosen because it represents fortitude and integrity. These are the values that have been instilled in the company and continue to be a focus of the Fortegra brand today.

Campus Crest

Since 2007, Fortegra has grown into a leader in the insurance services sector. The company is recognized as a leader in revenue enhancement programs with our credit insurance, service contracts and warranty products.

Since 2003, Fortegra has evolved into a multifaceted insurance holding company because of the leadership position created through diversifying operations into a worldwide insurance products and services company. Its expertise in niche markets complimented by modern technologies has resulted in successful revenue and profit enrichment solutions for all of its clients.

Fortegra is constantly pursuing growth opportunities by providing new and innovative revenue and profit enhancement products to clients that allow them to generate incremental revenue per transaction while reducing costs; expanding its client base in existing markets through its direct sales force; entering new markets through geographic expansion in the U.S. and pursuing strategic acquisitions of complementary businesses within each segment to expand service offerings, access new markets and expand the client base.

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