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The Truth About Ted Rollins

In the fall of 2010, Mr. Ted Rollins came under attack by the Legal Schnauzer, a known and convicted cyber bully by the name of Roger Shuler.  Mr. Shuler collaborated with Mr. Rollins’ ex-wife to spread untruths in the wake of her divorce from Mr. Rollins. This was an attempt to discredit Mr. Rollins after their divorce and also to extort additional money from him beyond what was provided by the divorce.

The only source that Mr. Shuler has ever had is Mr. Rollins’ ex-wife, who has used false information and Mr. Shuler’s lack of integrity to try and advance this ill-intentioned outcome. There are countless negative stories circulating on the web about Mr. Rollins and his family, all written by the Mr. Shuler aka the Legal Schnauzer blog. These stories are based on the untruths told by Mr. Rollins’ ex-wife and embellished further by the Mr. Shuler.

Exhibit A is an affidavit from Mr. Rollins’ ex wife that clearly states Mr. Schnauzer misrepresents the truth.

About Roger Shuler – The “Legal Schnauzer”

Below is a summary of Mr. Shuler aka the Legal Schnauzer Blogger.

▪  The Legal Schnauzer aka Roger Shuler is a one-man blogger who claims to be a journalist, but is not. Furthermore, he does not bother to follow practices of a professional journalist. Rather, he plays fast and loose with some facts, fabricates most of his content and uses unreliable sources to create a tabloid-type blog that produces false information.

▪  He is known in Alabama as a negative blogger for hire that writes destructive innuendo to harass his victims.

▪ The Legal Schnauzer has been incarcerated twice for slandering various parties in Alabama.

▪ From 1989 until 2008 Mr. Shuler was a content editor for the University of Alabama at Birmingham until he was terminated for inappropriate behavior.    At the time Mr. Shuler also threatened the then President of the University.

▪ Mr. Shuler has been unemployed since 2008 and uses his blog as a means for extorting money from people by posting negative blog comments and trying to evoke a response from his subjects. He does this by writing his main post on his blog, The Legal Schnauzer and then by linking this post to other sites such as Daily Kos.

▪ Mr. Shuler cannot pay his bills and has a very uncertain employment history. He lives on unemployment, welfare and disability and has not been employed since he was terminated from the University of Alabama, Birmingham where he threatened the life of some school officials.

▪ Mr. Shuler’s credit reports indicate that he routinely defaults on his debts and litigates as a strategy to avoid payment.

▪ Mr. Shuler was arrested and convicted in 2014 for failure to follow a judge’s order regarding the removal of defamatory and untrue statements regarding one of his targets.

▪ A default judgment was entered against Mr. Shuler in the amount of $3.5 million.

▪ Mr. Shuler is currently believed to be in hiding to avoid answering the default judgment, but continues to publish his blog.

▪ More information can be found about Roger Schuler on http://www.legalschnauzers.com, tedrollinstruth.com

The Facts regarding Mr. Ted Rollins:

▪ Mr. Rollins started his career as an investment banker in New York after graduating from the Citadel military college with Honors and Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business with an MBA.   Mr. Rollins has been a successful entrepreneur for most of his career and comes from a family of entrepreneurs where his father listed 9 New York Stock Exchange companies in his lifetime.  Most recently Mr. Rollins built the second largest student housing company in the world over the past 10 years.  It was the success of this company and its IPO in 2010 that triggered Mr. Rollins ex wife wife and Mr. Shuler to go on the attack and try to extort money from Mr. Rollins.

▪ Mr. Rollins and his former wife, Sherry Rollins, were legally separated in 2000 and divorced in 2007 after a 7 year legal process including a 3-day trial and an appeal to both the state court of appeals and the supreme court of Alabama.

▪  Below as Exhibit A is an affidavit of Sherry Rollins, Mr. Rollins’ ex wife and Exhibit B is letter from her son Zac Parrish, Mr. Rollins’ former step son which contradict the allegations that Mr. Shuler has made regarding Mr. Rollins behavior.  These exhibits further illustrate that Mr. Shuler intentionally misrepresented the facts surrounding the Rollins marriage and divorce.

▪  Mr. Shuler and Mr. Rollins ex wife published these inaccurate and defamatory statements because they were trying to extort money from Mr. Rollins on different occasions, and when Mr. Rollins wouldn’t comply with their demands, they would write even more defamatory stories on Mr. Shuler’s blog to punish Mr. Rollins.

▪ As evidenced by the letter in Exhibit B, Ted Rollins and Zac Parrish, maintain a very good relationship and there has never been any incidences of the sexual harassment as alleged by the Legal Schnauzer.

▪ The only report of Mr. Rollins and Mr. Parrish that is partially accurate is the small fight that Mr. Rollins and Mr. Parrish engaged in when Mr. Parrish was 16. Mr. Parrish wanted to fight Mr. Rollins and the two parties got into an altercation. Mr. Parrish’s lip was cut by his braces during the skirmish. The former Mrs. Rollins filed a complaint and the charges were entered and suspended because the altercation was so minor.

This small altercation was grossly hyperbolized into an untrue story that details Mr. Rollins “brutally beating” Mr. Parrish. This is yet another in a long line of untruths reported and sensationalized by Mr. Shuler.  The inaccuracies of these types of reports are made even more obvious by the positive relationship between the two men as evidenced in Exhibit B.  Mr. Parrish can be contacted for reference at zacparrish@parrishbuilding.com

Additionally, the blog Mr. Shuler wrote about Ted Rollins not providing for his children and misleading the court with respect to what his former wife received are inaccurate and misleading. This case was afforded the full extent of the judicial system in the state where Mrs. Rollins was living with her children.  The facts were heard during a three-day trial and a motion to reconsider hearing by a competent judge, heard again by an appellant court, and yet again by the supreme court of Alabama.   In all cases, the original order was upheld in favor of Mr. Rollins finding that Mr. Rollins’ ex wife’s claims were frivolous and baseless.

Mr. Rollins has continually provided support for his children and his ex-wife, even providing money to Mr. Parrish to pay for the household bills for his ex wife since she would squander monetary support paid to her by Mr. Rollins and not pay her bills at times leaving the children in jeopardy of being thrown out of their home or being without utilities.

Legal Action:

We have spoken with several attorneys to seek advice on this matter over the past 4.5 years and been advised that pursuit of this legally while satisfying, has a low success rate given the protection afforded bloggers under the freedom of speech laws in the US. However, recently, a law firm by the name of Baxley, Dillard, McKnight, James and McElroy has represented a client and prevailed in court against Roger Shuler.   The team was led by Bill Baxley the former Attorney General and Lieutenant of the state of Alabama. Together with his team they were able to win a defamation case, have Roger Shuler arrested for failure to comply with a judge’s order and currently have a default judgment against Mr. Shuler in the amount of $3.5mm.

Despite all of this, Mr. Shuler still continues to defame their client openly on his blog. We are currently in discussion regarding a legal strategy with this firm and Mr. Baxley.

Evidence from Sherry Rollins and Zac Parrish

Exhibit A

Sherry Rollins Affidavit

Sherry Rollins Affidavit pg 2

Exhibit B

Zac Parrish Letter


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Podcast: Ted Rollins of Campus Crest Communities

Ted Rollins, CEO, co-chairman and co-founder of Campus Crest Communities, Inc. (NYSE: CCG), joins REIT.com’s Allen Kenney in the latest edition of the NAREIT Podcast to discuss some of the latest news from his company and the student housing sector.
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Campus Crest Collaborates with Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore

When Campus Crest acquired an existing property near the OSU campus in Stillwater, OK, the firm knew a major interior renovation would be required to bring the property in line with its existing portfolio.

This presented a new opportunity for collaboration with the local community and Campus Crest Communities, Stillwater Habitat for Humanity, Stillwater Public Schools, Oklahoma State University and North American Van Lines who collaborated to execute the largest donation to date for the Stillwater Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore.

Stillwater_river_habitatThe donation was valued at well over $100,000 in ReStore value and included Campus Crest donated household items from more than 135 apartments, including refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, couches, coffee tables, dining room sets and other miscellaneous items.

“Reuse of existing furniture and appliances not only reduces demand of virgin material but also provides quality goods at an accessible price point for those who cannot afford to purchase new,” said Ted Rollins, co-founder and CEO of Campus Crest Communities.

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Developer to cover 62.5 percent of the cost of upgrading Union Township’s sewer system

In Michigan, work has begun on the first phase of a planned upgrade of Union Township’s sewer system to keep up with current and expected growth.

sewers improvedCampus Crest Communities of Charlotte, N.C., led by CEO Ted Rollins plans to build 216 units of high-end student housing off Isabella Road between Bluegrass and Broomfield roads.

Because the current pumping station serving that neighborhood doesn’t have enough capacity to handle this amount of waste, the developer has agreed to pick up about 62.5 percent of the cost of upgrading.

According to The Morning Sun of Central Michigan, Crews from Porath Contractors of Houghton Lake have begun work on adding a 4,000-foot-long, 12-inch sewer main along Deerfield Road.  

The $274,000 project will add substantial capacity to handle sewage flows from the apartment complexes along Deerfield Road just south of the Mt. Pleasant city limits, as well as from other residential development in the southwest part of the township.

Improvements at the township’s Lift Station No. 2 on Isabella Road are expected to start soon, as well. RCL Construction of Sanford was the low bidder at $183,700.

With more development expected in Union Township, plans are being made for an upgrade of another pumping station to handle further increases.

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Student Housing: A solid investment

The demand for student housing is highly correlated with college enrollment and it appears to be increasing. As adult students tend to live away from campus, the more relevant students of the enrollment pool are those fresh out of high school.campus crest 02

While a sizable portion of the increase is part-time students who are less likely to utilize student housing, the full-time student enrollment is growing as well.

Additionally, an increasing number of students are taking more than four years to graduate and more are enrolling in post-baccalareate programs. While university funded student housing is typically focused at freshman and sophomores, the private student housing REITs can provide housing for upperclassmen.

While a sizable portion of the increase is part-time students who are less likely to utilize student housing, the full-time student enrollment is growing as well.

Additionally, an increasing number of students are taking more than four years to graduate and more are enrolling in post-baccalareate programs. While university funded student housing is typically focused at freshman and sophomores, the private student housing REITs can provide housing for upperclassmen.

Between more students enrolling each year and each student staying at college longer on average, the overall demand for student housing is set to increase steadily through 2021.

The supply side of the equation also looks favorable as a material amount of publicly funded student housing is becoming too old or obsolete. Many states have tightened their budgets and there is simply not enough funding to keep up with the demand for student housing. This is where the REITs come in.

The student housing industry is rather promising with multiple trends working in its favor and the market agrees with me as the sector trades at a substantial premium. While the sector gets a valuation of 16X forward FFO,

Campus Crest, led by CEO Ted Rollins, trades at a projected 2014 FFO multiple under 12. It is cheaper than the average REIT despite participating in a promising sector to which most investors assign a premium.

Campus Crest (CCG) is a student housing REIT with multiple catalysts that should create substantial outperformance:  strong industry fundamentals; deep value compared to its peers; thriving operations; unique development capabilities provide superior growth; healthy balance sheet with ample liquidity; and bigger tax advantaged dividend.

Together these catalysts provide outsized reward relative to the risk. Campus Crest’s expected return to investors is approximately 40% greater than the peer average.

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Campus Crest owns interests in 84 U.S. student housing properties

Campus Crest Communities, Inc. is a leading developer, builder, owner and manager of high-quality student housing properties located close to college campuses in targeted U.S. markets. It has ownership interests in 84 student housing properties and over 44,002 beds across the United States, of which 72 are operating and 12 are development or redevelopment properties.

The cccompany, led by CEO Ted Rollins, is an equity REIT that differentiates itself through its vertical integration and consistent branding across the portfolio through two unique brands targeting different segments of the college student population.

The Grove® brand offers more traditional apartment floor plans and focuses on customer service, privacy, on-site amenities and a proprietary residence life program. The Copper Beech brand and townhome product offers more residential-type living to students looking for a larger floor plan with a front door and back porch.

Additional information can be found on the Company’s website at http://www.campuscrest.com.

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Ted Rollins tests green living programs on campus

Articulating the connection between why green decision-making is valuable, what the resident will gain from it, and how their decisions are making positive impact is key to ensuring buy-in and resident engagement.

“We help our residents grow in their understanding of green living by equipping them with resources to inform daily decisions so they can easily choose green, said Ted Rollins, chief executive officer of Campus Crest Communities.Ted-Rollins-recycle

In 2012, Campus Crest partnered with the Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University to create resident resources and pilot test the effectiveness of programs.

“In 2013, we are rolling out these programs at every property and feedback will be achieved through resident focus groups,” said Rollins.

Events implemented to pilot test these concepts have been:

• Week of Wow

• Green Cleaning Galore

• Green Grocery Bingo

• Grove Eco Footprint Survey

“Our green events and resources inform residents about topics such as decreasing utility consumption, product reuse, recycling and waste minimization, alternative transportation, green cleaning products, and local purchasing choices,” said Rollins.

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Ted Rollins on NEXT

In an ongoing initiative to improve the carbon footprint for Campus Crest Communities, CEO Ted Rollins has spearheaded an enhanced environmental initiative called NEXT.

NEXT incorporates four areas of focus for improving our footprint across the board,” said Rollins.

These areas are: balanced living, operating responsibly, serving communities, and building innovation.

NEXT logo

According to Rollins, Campus Crest employees can feel good knowing that they are part of a company that is dedicated to leaving a positive footprint. Employees are encouraged to become engaged in the NEXT initiatives and provide additional ideas for taking it to the NEXT level.

“As a resident, you can get educated and get involved by participating in green events, community improvement projects, and making healthy lifestyle choices,” said Rollins.

Rollins cites that investors will know that Campus Crest is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen.

“Our NEXT initiatives are good indicators of our overall commitment to doing well by doing good in the world,” said Rollins.

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Ted Rollins provides free housing options for students awarded Horatio Alger scholarship

Campus Crest Communities led by CEO Ted Rollins provides free housing options for students who win Horatio Alger Florida Scholarships to college. These students are recognized for overcoming adversity in their lives.

The award comes with a $5,000 prize as well as access to financial aid and scholarship counseling, college readiness help, 24/7 support including crisis response and counseling resources, free housing options provided at 44 campuses around the country, grad school funding and access to peers and scholarship program alumni.Ted-Rollins-scholorships

The scholarship recipients were picked based on their commitment to education, dedication to community service, and strength of character in overcoming personal obstacles to achieve academic excellence, according to The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished American, which sponsors the scholarship.

The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. bears the name of the renowned author Horatio Alger, Jr., whose tales of overcoming adversity through unyielding perseverance and basic moral principles captivated the public in the late 19th century. The Association, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit educational organization, was established in 1947 to dispel the mounting belief among the nation’s youth that the American Dream was no longer attainable.

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