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Campus Crest owns interests in 84 U.S. student housing properties

Campus Crest Communities, Inc. is a leading developer, builder, owner and manager of high-quality student housing properties located close to college campuses in targeted U.S. markets. It has ownership interests in 84 student housing properties and over 44,002 beds across the United States, of which 72 are operating and 12 are development or redevelopment properties.

The cccompany, led by CEO Ted Rollins, is an equity REIT that differentiates itself through its vertical integration and consistent branding across the portfolio through two unique brands targeting different segments of the college student population.

The Grove® brand offers more traditional apartment floor plans and focuses on customer service, privacy, on-site amenities and a proprietary residence life program. The Copper Beech brand and townhome product offers more residential-type living to students looking for a larger floor plan with a front door and back porch.

Additional information can be found on the Company’s website at http://www.campuscrest.com.

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Ted Rollins Focuses on Creating a Lifestyle and Atmosphere That is Unmatched

While other student housing complexes may have similar facilities, Campus Crest does things a little differently. CEO Ted Rollins along with Mike Hartnett, co-founder and chief investment officer, focus on creating a lifestyle and atmosphere that is unmatched.

Campus Crest Communities, Inc. is a leading developer, builder, owner and manager of high-quality, purpose-built student housing under The Grove brand.

“We want to help others form bonds, inspire change, and be successful,” said Rollins. “Get the residents to feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves. This isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a place to live.”

The brand promise for Campus Crest is delivering an extraordinary student lifestyle experience. Ted Rollins Students

Rollins explains that the student is the heart and soul of Campus Crest and the source of inspiration, dedication and drive.

“Every day, we strive to go above and beyond to provide unparalleled service to them, their parents and the institutions they attend. With each class that graduates, we are helping build the future and we take that responsibility very seriously,” Rollins said.

Both founders have a strong commitment to helping others through the Horatio Alger Association. Horatio Alger inspired young people to believe in the American dream. He felt if someone worked hard enough and never gave up, they could achieve anything they wanted.

Campus Crest awards three four-year housing scholarships at each location to those who receive the Horatio Alger scholarship. http://www.horatioalger.com/giving.cfm

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Ted Rollins &Campus Crest receive thanks from Student

According to Kim Crawford, a Horatio Alger Association Scholarship recipient, she is grateful for the help she received via Ted Rollins and Campus Crest through their donated student housing Horatio Alger program. From Kim:
I have been so thankful and blessed to have Campus Crest take care of my housing expenses during my college career. Fortunately, I will be graduating from University of West Georgia in Spring 2013 and will not need to renew for the 2013-2014 school year. It has been an amazing experience living at The Grove and not having to worry about housing expenses,because we all know that can get very pricey.

Once again, thank you for all your organization has done to help me out over the years.

Kimberly Crawford, the Grove at Carrolton Resident

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The Grove Opens Flagstaff AZ Property Showcasing Solar Panels

The Grove Opens Flagstaff AZ Property Showcasing Solar Panels

Campus Crest CEO and Co-founder Ted Rollins recently toured the newly-opened student housing property. According to Rollins and energy experts, the project’s renewable energy panels will offset electricity consumption by approximately 50 percent.

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