Ted Rollins and Campus Crest Build Jamaica Orphanage Playground

Ted Rollins and Campus Crest Build Jamaica Orphanage Playground

Ted Rollins and a hard-working group of Campus Crest employees built a much-need 3200-square foot modern playground for the children at the SOS Village in Montego Bay Jamaica in April

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Ted Rollins and the band The Shaves play for WaterKeeper Charity

Ted Rollins and the band The Shaves play for WaterKeeper Charity

Ted Rollins and his band members in The Shaves performed for the charity Waterkeeper Alliance in Deer Valley UT this weekend. Waterkeeper Alliance saves water and waterways globally.

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Ted Rollins &Campus Crest receive thanks from Student

According to Kim Crawford, a Horatio Alger Association Scholarship recipient, she is grateful for the help she received via Ted Rollins and Campus Crest through their donated student housing Horatio Alger program. From Kim:
I have been so thankful and blessed to have Campus Crest take care of my housing expenses during my college career. Fortunately, I will be graduating from University of West Georgia in Spring 2013 and will not need to renew for the 2013-2014 school year. It has been an amazing experience living at The Grove and not having to worry about housing expenses,because we all know that can get very pricey.

Once again, thank you for all your organization has done to help me out over the years.

Kimberly Crawford, the Grove at Carrolton Resident

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The Grove Opens Flagstaff AZ Property Showcasing Solar Panels

The Grove Opens Flagstaff AZ Property Showcasing Solar Panels

Campus Crest CEO and Co-founder Ted Rollins recently toured the newly-opened student housing property. According to Rollins and energy experts, the project’s renewable energy panels will offset electricity consumption by approximately 50 percent.

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Socialization Key in Successful Student Housing

Click here for Mr. Rollins’ article about successful student housing.

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Ted Rollins & Grove Green Team Celebrate Arbor Day

Ted Rollins & Grove Green Team Celebrate Arbor Day

Campus Crest CEO Ted Rollins and its Grove Green team kicked off a national green initiative to plant ‘urban forests’ at its properties. Over the next year, they will add one plant for every resident. “With 33 properties and 6 underway, with more than 17,000 beds, that means we have a lot of planting to do; it’s part of promoting dynamic ecosystems to help the environment,” said Rollins

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Ted Rollins and Campus Crest Donate Housing to Horatio Alger Association Scholars

Horatio Alger Scholars Deanna Keller and Olivia Thain, Campus Crest Founders Mike Hartnett and Ted Rollins at the 65th Annual Horatio Alger Awards Event

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Others obviously slandered by blogger

I just saw this web site today that shows others have experienced similar erroneous or slanderous information posted about them by Legal Schnauzer:

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Rollins & Campus Crest benefit Teach for America

Campus Crest CEO Ted Rollins, San Jose Teachers Ryan Karan and Marlene Orozco, Fortegra CEO and Campus Crest Board Member Rick Kahlbaugh

There are great organizations in this country that directly and indirectly prepare our youth for greatness. Ted Rollins had the privilege of interacting with teachers from Teach for America at one of their events this week in San Francisco. These teachers are truly making a difference for our upcoming generations. TFA is modeled after the Peace Corps in a way–qualified, outstanding teachers across the country teach incredible curriculums in low-income community schools for a two-year period.

This program has been shown to work well. Check out their site and accomplishments “Campus Crest was honored to be a sponsor of this event and I was even more honored to meet some talented teachers,” said Rollins.

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